WEO Strategic Plan 2017-2020

The Board of WEO took a decision to develop a strategic plan to address those needs in an adequate approach while contemplating to provide result-based and quality interventions that integrally and accountably preserve the life, rights, dignity and wellbeing of women and girls within both the displaced and host Iraqi communities. As such, in early 2017, WEO conducted a series of planning actions aimed at the development of responsive strategies and consequently structures and capacities, that would be needed to implement the new plan’s directions. The result of this process is reflected in the following strategic document that will guide WEO’s ends and means for the next four years. Nonetheless, to succeed effectively.

The Aim

Improving WEO’s effectiveness, performance and provision of adequate resources.

Fostering ownership and commitment to the change process of both the Management
and Board.

Changing attitudes and behavior of all teams and individuals.

Designing both action and result oriented programs and interventions that would lead
to the achievement of WEO’s mission and overall objectives.

The Planning Process

After consultation with the Board and stakeholders, WEO decided to adopt a participatory approach that focuses on consulting its staff members and partners and using their feedback and inputs to build its new strategy. The process was designed to help WEO identify, discuss and agree on decisions and priorities that respond best to the dynamic challenges that affect WEO’s work and objectives.
To obtain proper relevant feedback, partners and staff were approached in a systematic way in three phases. WEO, along with the consultant, utilized two questionnaires that were consistently used to collect and analyze the inputs from two different sources. Also, a three-day brainstorming session was conducted at WEO offices in February with the staff and board members to examine past experiences, test new and old assumptions, anticipate the environment and future changes, and discuss all strategic areas that need to be addressed. The conclusions were used to shape the strategic plan and the decisions that would guide WEO’s work for the next four years of 2017-2020.